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Performance reporting


Published every quarter, CITB's performance reports aim to provide an overview of where the industry’s Levy is invested and what impact it has had, allowing you to track our progress against our business plan. Whilst the main purpose is to keep you informed, we also hope that this will help you, help us, when you feedback how and where you think the industry’s Levy should be invested.

Quarter 4: January to March 2023

This performance report tracks our progress against targets set out in our 2022-23 business plan, and how we’re supporting the construction industry to have a skilled, competent and inclusive workforce, now and in the future.

Our role is to:

  • Inform and enable the right people into construction​
  • Develop a training & skills system to meet current and future needs
  • Support the industry to train and develop its workforce

Read the full report:

Some highlights from this quarter are:

Aim: 10% increase in the number of people visiting Go Construct

Progress: above target at 61%

“Construction is fun, fast paced, challenging and a rewarding career. You will meet various people on all levels of businesses – and with that comes amazing opportunities.”

Mimi-Isabella Nwosu, an assistant materials engineer, is thriving at the start of her construction career. With over 1.3 million people visiting Go Construct, a huge 61% increase on last year, we are showcasing the rewarding and varied opportunities available to encourage more people like Mimi to join.

Aim: 3% increase in the number of employers accessing CITB training support

Progress: above target at 15%

We ended the year far above target, investing over £108m in direct employer funding, making sure our customers can access high quality, cost-effective training at a time and place that suits them.

Over £10m has been invested through the Skills and Training Fund, the majority of which went to over 2,100 SMEs – a 38% increase. The fund also supported 128 medium-sized employers, a 31% increase.

Meanwhile, our short course grants supported over 173,000 learners – investing over £15m in core construction skills.

Our Customer Engagement Team continued their tireless work, completing over 60,000 engagements – more than doubling last year’s total – to make sure employers can understand and access CITB’s comprehensive training support.

Aim: 3% increase in number of individuals trained or supported

Progress: above target at 7%

Our wide-ranging training offer continues to go from strength to strength. A skilled workforce is contingent on a flexible, accessible and well-funded training supply.

This is best represented by our Employer Network. The 12-month pilot transforms training: employers are helped to devise training programmes, while deciding how CITB funds are used in their area.

So far 246 employers and over 3,400 learners have benefitted, with an expansion to sector-specific networks expected to reach many more.